Online Coaching

Peak Mental Performance Coaching
I offer Online Coaching & Programming for Strength Athletes – and for anyone who wants to get stronger and increase their overall performance. My Coaching model focuses on keeping in mind all the variables that affect programming, including stress, sleep, and other factors. My Online Coaching Service includes:
    • Customized training program designed for your goals and to address your weaknesses – I send training in 4-week blocks, re-evaluating and adjusting training every 4 weeks according to the videos you send me and your feedback. I will evaluate videos you send me of your main lifts; and give feedback and make training program adjustments as necessary.

  • I utilize a weekly client check in form (via Google Forms online) that allows you to send me your weights/reps from the previous week, give any feedback, and also track your stress levels, sleep, and any other input you have. My goal with coaching is always to provide a very comprehensive training approach that takes into consideration different variables even outside of training. This is in addition to answering any impromptu questions you may have throughout the week.
  • I also include a packet that provides recovery and warm-up guidelines and a tutorial on Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) self wake-up drills and breathing techniques (something I’ve been using for the past year with great results)
  • My programming style consists of waved linear progression of the competitive lifts in a conjugated structure. It incorporates different effective techniques I’ve taken the different coaches, training crews, and styles that I’ve worked with over the past 8 years. Depending on your goals and type of competing (raw, equipped, etc), I may use different periodization styles as well.

Current Pricing:

*Prices subject to change depending on availability

  • $350 total for 12 weeks (3 months) of the above coaching services
  • College Student Pricing: $250 for 12 weeks
  • *NEW – U.S. Military Member, & Emergency Personnel Discount: $300 for 12 weeks

*Monthly installments available as well.

*Referral Discount: Clients who refer someone for Coaching will receive 10% off their next training cycle.

If interested in becoming an Online Coaching Client, please contact me at or through the form on my Contact page.