Kratom is on the short list of supplements that I recommend (when applicable) to people after in-depth research and my own consistent use. I’ve provided some helpful info below, as well as a link to purchase through our affiliation with Kraken Kratom.

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Like any dietary supplement or non-prescription drug, it has it’s pros and cons that should be taken into consideration, and medical claims cannot be made legally regarding it’s use (due to FDA regulations); but in my personal experience, I’ve found small doses of it to be incredibly helpful for anxiety, pain, sleep, and most recently; a HUGE help in managing the withdrawal symptoms of the tapering process from the SSNRI medication I was on.

Kratom tends to get a lot of controverial press (for some reasons of ignorance, others related, in my opinion, to the prescription medications it potentially replaces for some people); but here is some additional information regarding Kratom that I recommend reading before considering use:

*While there is strong evidence supporting the use of Kratom, never immediately stop taking a prescription medication to exchange with Kratom without discussing tapering with your doctor, as there can be withdrawal effects from various medications you may be on.

One of my goals since discovering the benefits of Kratom, has been to set up a relationship with a reputable supplier that I feel confident in recommending to others – Kraken Kratom is one of the top-rated sellers of Kratom in the Country, and we’ve set up an affiliation agreement for those interested in purchasing Kratom. This also provides a great opportunity to support the Peak Mental Performance Podcast if you’ve found it helpful to yourself or others – If you use the link below (make sure to click through this link) to purchase through Kraken Kratom, 10% of your first order goes directly to Peak Mental Performance, allowing us to continue growing what we’re doing through the Podcast & Website:


How I’m currently personally using Kratom: I typically take 1-2 doses of 2-3 grams every day (one late morning, one in early evening). Occasionally will take days off, and as my withdrawal symptoms improve from my SSNRI medication that I just recently tapered off of, I may reduce non-training days to 1 dose per day. I typically mix with 8 oz. of a zero-calorie energy drink or cold brew coffee. I use the powder because it’s more cost effective, but be prepared, Kratom doesn’t taste good (thankfully mixing it with coffee or an energy drink helps a lot). I’ve tried several different strains over the past year, and while all similar, Maeng Da continues to be my favorite.

As always, thank you for your support of Peak Mental Performance and Mental Health & Performance Education!

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