EP 19: “Transcranial Brain Stimulation for Athletic Performance” feat. Dr. Brett Wingeier

In this Episode I interview Dr. Brett Wingeier, CTO and Co-Founder of Halo Neuroscience. Dr. Wingeier is a Neuroscientist and has his PhD in Biomedical Engineering. He developed the world’s first implantable brain stimulation device for epilepsy, and since then has created Halo Sport, a neurostimulator for athletic performance (which I will be reviewing in an upcoming EliteFTS article). In this Episode we discuss:

(1:08) What is Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation?

(3:10) What Led Dr. Wingeier from the Medical Field to Designing a Product for Athletic Performance

(6:30) Is TDCS Safe?

(9:00) The Different Ways Electrical Stimulation Benefits Movement

(11:17) How Much of Physical Performance is Neurological

(13:33) How an Athlete Can Best Use TDCS in Training

(15:35) Are there Certain Sports that Benefit More than Others?

(17:43) Will Halo Neuroscience Ever Expand into Other Areas of Brain Stimulation Outside of Athletics?

(24:57) Is there Application of TDCS for Youth Athletes?

(26:45) How about for the Aging Population?

..for Audio of this Episode, visit iTunes or Google Play (for Android)

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