Medication Update & Two New Features Coming to Peak Mental Performance

..So I’m at the 7 day mark for being completely off my old medication (and a little over a month since starting to taper down), and I’m finally starting to see some of the withdrawal effects fade out – and really hoping they fade out completely before long. The physical and mental effects of discontinuation syndrome from Cymbalta is a nightmare I never want to re-live.

Despite my experiences over the past 8 years, I would never make blanket statements about what people should or shouldn’t do regarding things like medication (I think anyone that does is being irresponsible). I do, however, feel that in general, patients are not being given all the right tools and information to weigh their medical decisions properly.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but over the next few months, with help of the medical professionals and resources I’m fortunate enough to be connected to through the Peak Mental Performance project and EliteFTS, I’m going to work on adding a few tools to the Peak Mental Performance Website that I think will help you in making the most educated decisions regarding your own Mental Health care:

* Compilation of Resource Guides on Commonly Used Medications – The information is out there, but sorting through the internet to find it (especially when you’re dealing with a lot of stress already) is incredibly difficult. These Guides will list objective information and current research regarding medications commonly used for treating Mental Health conditions. The goal of these will NOT be to tell you what to do or provide medical advice, but instead to educate you so you have all the tools possible as you make decisions with your doctor.

* A Mental Health Research Review, where I will compile and break down current research on various topics relating to Mental Health Care in between Episodes of the Podcast. This is another area where there’s TONS of good info, but it’s often hard to find and not broken down well for readers.

..This experience continues to be humbling, and continues to give me perspective and compassion for those that I know experience these things on a daily basis far worse than I do. My transparency on these issues is never to gain sympathy or just vent, but instead to hopefully encourage those dealing with similar things to not only recognize that they aren’t alone, but that there ARE things you can do to improve! (as I hope my Podcast has begun to show). I’m going to continue to do everything I can to connect the best resources and professionals in Mental Health to one place so your toolbox will be as loaded as possible. Whether you struggle with a Mental Health condition, or you’re just looking to optimize your Mental & Physical Performance, don’t let yourself fall into the trap that there’s nothing you can do. This is a big science experiment and a long journey, and the victories are out there if you keep persevering.



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