Episode 06: “Taking Risks & Embracing Adversity” feat. Casey Williams

In this week’s episode I interview EliteFTS Powerlifter Casey Williams – We had a great chat, discussing some of the big life changes and adversity he’s faced this year, including transitioning careers, opening a Gym, and dealing with Ulcerative Colitis (causing him to drop out of the Arnold Classic). It was a fun and really encouraging chat, and I’m excited for everything Casey has in his future this year and beyond!


Audio Only:

About the Guest:

Casey Williams manages Union Fitness in Pittsburgh, PA and is a competitive powerlifter with EliteFTS – In 2012 at the IPA Nationals he broke the all-time world record drug tested raw squat and total in the 220s with a 700 squat and 1770 total. His best raw lifts to date are a 810 squat, 540 bench, and 738 deadlift with a 2088 total at 242 pounds with wraps.

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