Episode 05: “Discipline over Motivation” feat. Jim Wendler

In this episode I interview the one and only Jim Wendler, author of 5/3/1. We hit on a diverse group of topics, but one thing that you’ll hear are many recurring themes to successful strength programming, that I strongly believe in, and are the foundation of Jim’s program success. We cover:

    • Why is discipline more important than motivation?
    • Building habits for successful training
    • Components of effective programming
    • Jim’s work with High School athletes
    • Is “peaking” in powerlifting overrated?
    • and more..

Audio Only:

Audio also available on iTunes & Google Play

About the Guest:

Jim Wendler is the author of the “5/3/1” program, which has sold over 547,000 copies. He is a former collegiate athlete, powerlifter, and currently coaching high school football in London, OH.

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