Episode 03: “Methods behind an All-Time World Record, to 120lb Weight Loss Journey” feat. Vincent Dizenzo

In this week’s episode of the Peak Mental Performance Podcast, I talk to Vincent Dizenzo; Team EliteFTS Coach, former All-Time World Record Holder in the Bench Press, and overall accomplished Powerlifter who has taken on a diverse set of journeys over his career, including competing in 6 different weight classes (and benching 600lbs raw in 3). It was an awesome conversation, and we discuss topics that include:

    • How Vincent’s training has evolved over the years
    • Aspects of Effective Programming
    • Why he started “Operation Be Less Fat” and how he lost over 120lbs
    • Powerlifting and Social Media
    • Happiness is a Choice
    • The Value in grinding through tough times in life

About the Guest:

Vincent was a full meet lifter until he ruptured two discs in his back 20 years ago. Bench was his worst lift, but it was all he had left so I ran with it. He went on to bench 600lbs or more raw in three different weight classes, and hit his best equipped bench of 900lbs in the 275 lb weight class. He once held the all time world record in the bench for the 275 class. He was a top ten bencher for over a decade and competed on National TV, and the main stages at the Arnold Classic and Olympia. Lastly, he is about to compete in his sixth weight class. He says “the best thing is regardless of what anyone may think I am extremely happy with what I have accomplished. I could walk away completely satisfied, but I’ll probably stick around for a bit longer.”

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